5 Reasons to Buy Your Kelowna Appliances in Vernon—Wait! What?!

5 Reasons to Buy Your Kelowna Appliances in Vernon—Wait! What?!
The AGA cooker so popular in Europe is just one of the many appliances you’ll only find at Genier’s, not at Kelowna appliances stores. Source: Zikata

Most of the time, it’s the other way around—Vernon shoppers head to Kelowna to buy everything from shoes to French pastry. But when it comes to Kelowna appliances, you’re better off shopping in Vernon at Genier’s.


Why it’s better to forget Kelowna appliances and head to Vernon:


1. International, Canadian and luxury appliances you won’t find anywhere else in the Interior.

At Genier’s Appliances, we carry 58 of the world’s best appliance brands, from sought-after European names such as Miele and AGA to the North American luxury appliance brands trusted by chefs such as Gaggenau. It might be hard to believe, but Genier’s in Vernon has the best selection of appliances in the Interior.


2. Small-town, family business service.

More than 50 years ago, a man named Peter Genier’s opened an appliance shop at the edge of Vernon. While the looks and functions of what we sell has changed dramatically in that time, our store has kept our friendly, honest, outstanding service. We care about helping you choose just the right appliance for your home, and we have the expertise. That takes us to reason No. 3.


3.  Expert, non-commission sales staff.

We understand how big of an investment your kitchen appliances are. That’s why we want to make sure you get the best advice as well as the best selection to choose from. Our team won’t try to upsell you, they’ll just try to help you. And most of our sales team members have been working here for 10 or 20 years—they’re true experts here to help. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you walk in the door.


4. Live kitchens.

The trouble with most Kelowna appliances stores is that all you get to do is open the oven door or pull out the freezer drawer, and other than reading a few reviews online, you don’t really know how an appliance will perform until you get it home.

At Genier’s, we want you to see for yourself how appliances hold up. We want you to know just how hot our gas stoves get, or how AGA cookers stay warm all day. Inside our 15 demonstration kitchens, you see just how many wine glasses our dishwashers can clean as well as how they’ll look together in the context of a real kitchen.


5. Latest trends are at your fingertips.

Because selling the best appliances and providing the best service is what we do, we’re on top of the changing features in appliances. We know how to get the mouldy smell out of front-loading washers, and when we heard about the kitchen appliance that delivers fresh, organic food to your fingertips every day, we brought the Urban Cultivator into the store.


When you’re looking for outstanding selection and service as you shop for Kelowna appliances, save time by driving to Genier’s.


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