4 Reasons Why Okanagan Residents Should Have a Wine Fridge

4 Reasons Why Okanagan Residents Should Have a Wine Fridge
Preserve your favourite bottles of Okanagan whites, reds, rosés and bubbles with a built-in wine fridge.

While wine time is considered a regular pastime around the Okanagan due to the close access we have to some of the best wineries and wines in the country, we do tend to “pour” a little more time into our entertaining at this time of year.

Whether you have family or other guests visiting over the holidays or are planning a soirée or a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, you’ll want to make sure you have enough room to store your wine and other beverages at just the right temperature.

Here are 4 reasons why Okanagan residents should have a wine fridge just for that occasion.


storing wine in ice

1. You’ll Save on Ice 

Maybe it’s a Canadian thing, but we have our own makeshift solutions for keeping beverages cold when hosting a party in winter. It doesn’t matter where you live, but when the fridge is full, Canadians tend to place their two-fours in a cooler, bucket or bathtub filled with ice, or they stick their wine outside on the deck or even in the snow.

There are a few problems with those solutions:

  1. They’re unsightly.
  2. They’re inconvenient. Braving below-zero temperatures just to get a drink is not everyone’s idea of fun.
  3. Wine with a 13.5-to-14 percent alcohol content tends to freeze at 20 degrees Fahrenheit or -6.6 degrees Celsius. The average temperature of the Okanagan in December is -6°C and in January, temperatures can drop down to a blustery -8°Cor colder, so unless you want a wine slush, it’s best to find a better way to chill your vino with a wine fridge.


storing wine in fridge

2. They Offer the Perfect Chill Factor

Most refrigerators are set at temperatures that are ideal for preserving perishables such as vegetables, meat and dairy, but are not ideal for storing and preserving wine. A wine cooler or fridge is not only temperature and humidity-controlled to chill wine at exactly the right temperature, but it also offers a more stable environment with less vibration, which helps the wine’s maturation process.


danby wine fridge

3. A Beverage Fridge Doesn't Take Up Much Room and is Cheaper Than Building a Cellar.

Okanagan wines make great hostess gifts and Christmas presents, but sometimes we just don’t know what to do with all those bottles. If you don’t have a huge space in your fridge on in your basement-crawl space to store wine safely, then a freestanding or built-in wine refrigerator is the perfect solution. Not only do they come in all manner of sizes, configurations and styles, but they also keep your beverages, from wine to beer to spirits, at the perfect temperature.

Danby appliances’ freestanding 4 cubic-foot, 38-bottle Black Dual Zone Wine Cooler has a sleek design inspired by rustic wine barrels. Its black cabinet with studded teak wood face wine racks and tempered dotted glass door with interior LED lighting screams stylish and the adjustable temperature control keeps your whites, reds, and bubbles perfectly chilled. 


silhouette keg cooler 

4. You Can Have Your Own Bar Setup

If you and your friends are more into brews, then you may want to impress with a keg cooler.

Silhouette's Keg Cooler goes beyond cooled bottles in the ridge. Enjoy an icy pour every time with this indoor-outdoor keg cooler. It's built to withstand even the harshest outdoor elements. You have everything you need to go from keg to glass, for the pinnacle of backyard entertainment.


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