4 Okanagan Appliance Trends That Are Heating Up This Summer

Outdoor Appliances for Kelowna and OkanaganHigh-end outdoor grills are one of several appliances Kelowna and Okanagan families are using to take their backyard entertaining to a whole new level.

Okanagan residents know how to do summer right. All it takes is some family and friends, a backyard, some fresh food and tasty beverages and, last but not least, a few key additions of time-saving appliances in Kelowna and Okanagan outdoor kitchens. Once you have that, you’ve got the recipe for a great time!

Having the right outdoor appliances offers homeowners tremendous flexibility and convenience when entertaining. If you’re looking to kick things up a notch in your backyard, the following options won’t disappoint.


1. Wine Coolers

Vernon Outdoor Appliances Wine Fridge Amaze your guests with a perfectly chilled glass of wine from your cooler.
Featured: Perlick's Signature Series Dual-Zone Wine Reserve

A wine cooler is an appliance Okanagan homeowners love because it adds a touch of class to any outdoor setting. Once you’ve had the pleasure of owning one, there’s no going back. For instance, this Perlick Signature Series Dual-Zone Wine Reserve does it all:

  • Store reds and whites at their optimum temperatures in a single cabinet
  • Maintains ideal temperatures even in the Okanagan heat
  • Doors available in stainless steel, wood overlay or glass combination

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2. Beer Fridges & Beverage Centres

Outdoor Beverage Centre Appliance Kamloops A beverage centre will always ensure your beer and soda are close at hand, and most importantly, refreshing.
Featured: AGA Marvel's high-efficiency outdoor beverage centres and refrigerators.

Say goodbye to those last-minute runs to the gas station for ice cubes to load up your camping cooler. A beer fridge is the Okanagan appliance that lets you always have a ‘cold one’ at hand.

Under-counter beer fridges are a fantastic addition to any outdoor kitchen because they’re discreet, yet accessible. The Brigade Professional 5 Series is a good example of the options that are available, which include:

  • Electronic controls with digital readouts
  • Fully extendable shelving
  • Stainless steel exterior and interior for durability

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3. Grill Tops & Barbecues 

Kelowna Summer Appliances BBQ and Grills High-end grills give you the confidence to create inspired meals and make your (already delicious) burgers even better.
Featured: Coyote's S-Series Grills

At the heart of every outdoor kitchen is the appliance Kelowna backyard chefs can’t live without: the grill. Whether you prefer a built-in grill top for a seamless look or the functionality of a standalone barbecue, your guests will taste the difference quality makes.

When you cook on a high-end appliance, like the DCS Series 9 Grill, you’ll have the power and precision to prepare those prime cuts to perfection.

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4. Wolf Gourmet Blender

Wolf Gourmet Blender Vernon Appliances Whipping up a batch of your favourite cocktails is easy when you have a professional-grade blender.
Featured: Wolf Gourmet Blender Wolf Gourmet Vernon Appliances Featured: Wolf Gourmet Blender

For party hosts who want to offer more than just beer and wine, the Wolf Gourmet Blender is an indispensable sidekick to have on the patio. With it, you can create just about any blended drink under the Okanagan sun, including:

  • Daiquiris
  • Milkshakes
  • Margaritas
  • Fruit smoothies (with fresh Okanagan fruit, of course)
  • Cocktails

You can also use it to tackle a range of routine kitchen tasks, including:

  • Pureeing sauces
  • Whipping cream
  • Chopping vegetables

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Wolf Gourmet Vernon Appliances The Wolf Gourmet Blender can handle anything from whipping up delicious savoury dips to refreshingly cool fruit sorbets.
Featured: Wolf Gourmet Blender

Are you looking to bring your backyard to the next level with an outdoor kitchen? Before you visit a Kelowna appliance store, come and see the friendly, non-commissioned team at Genier’s in Vernon. We have the largest selection of top name brands in the Interior, with delivery available Okanagan-wide, from Kamloops to Osoyoos. Visit our extensive showroom with live appliances so you can see how your new appliance will perform!


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