3 Appliances Kelowna Locals Love for Outdoor Kitchens

3 Appliances Kelowna Locals Love for Outdoor Kitchens
These three outdoor appliances Kelowna homeowners swear by will make your outdoor kitchen stand out from the rest.


If you’ve been spending time outdoors getting your yard ready for the sun and fun that accompanies summer, you may want to spend a little time getting your outdoor kitchen ready too. It may be time to upgrade those outdoor appliances Kelowna homeowners love so much. Don’t have an outdoor kitchen yet? No problem. These three appliances will take your (potential) outdoor kitchen from ‘meh’ to ‘woah.’


1. A Custom-Built Grilling Space

Barbecuing can become an art form with the proper equipment. Before designing the perfect outdoor kitchen, put some thought into the appliance you’ll use the most: the barbecue. To get the ball rolling, start by asking yourself these questions: 

  • Do I prefer ceramic briquettes or a standard stainless steel grill?  
  • How many people will I be grilling for? 
  • How many burners will I need? 
  • Should this space also include a smoker?

Of course, don’t just stop at the barbecue itself. There are tons of different accessories that can go along with the barbecue that’ll make you want to spend every meal in front of your grilling area. Consider adding these options to your grill space: 

  • Warming drawers
  • Prep station complete with cutting boards and storage
  • Fully functional outdoor sink


2. An Outdoor Refrigerator

If you’ve ever ran in and out of your house grabbing condiments, salads, and drinks while trying to man the barbeque and continue a conversation with one of your guests, you can appreciate just how important an outdoor fridge can be in your outdoor kitchen. These outdoor kitchen appliances can keep you outside all day long. 

Before running to the nearest store that features appliances Kelowna outdoor enthusiasts prefer, do a little planning first.  To make sure your outdoor kitchen is as pretty as it is functional, figure out what you want by way of refrigeration. 

  • Full size fridge or under-the-counter fridge? 
  • See-through door or stainless steel? 
  • Drawers or traditional swing door? 


3. A Wine Cooler

When you live in the Okanagan, a wine cooler is one of the best appliances you can add to your outdoor kitchen.  With an abundance of local wines central to the area, many Kelowna homeowners take pride in their wine collections. To showcase and allow easy access to some of your favourite vintages, don’t forget to add a wine fridge to your outdoor kitchen blueprint. 

Fortunately, wine chillers come in a variety of sizes and finishes, so you can truly put your own stamp on your outdoor kitchen construction. Some of the options to consider include: 

  • Capacity
  • Finish – stainless steel, platinum, wood, etc. 
  • Lighting
  • Doors – insulated, tinted, mirrored, etc. 


For a little help with picking out a winning wine cooler, take a look at our previous blog post: Kamloops Appliances Buyers: 7 Tips for Buying a Wine Fridge or Beverage Centre.


Are you ready to give the go-ahead on your outdoor kitchen plans? If so, come and speak to the experts in appliances Kelowna homeowners rely on at Genier’s. We’re proud to offer some of the biggest brand names in home appliances. Besides offering up great products, we can also help you design your dream outdoor kitchen space.


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