2019 Checklist: Maintenance Resolutions for Home Appliances

2019 Checklist: Maintenance Resolutions for Home Appliances
Before you call the repairman, see how you can maintain and clean your home appliances to make them work better.

With all that cooking to cleaning, you and your home appliances have likely been working overtime to maintain your home over the Christmas holidays. With 2019 now upon us, it’s time to think about your appliances and how they can work to their maximum efficiency throughout the year. Use our checklist and learn how to maintain and clean your appliances; and when to consider repairs or replacements. Don’t forget to include those shiny, new appliances you received for Christmas so you can expand their warranty beyond their use-by date.



With the vision of Christmas dinner still in your head, this is a good time to snap on those rubber gloves and give your kitchen appliances a good clean. Don’t wait ‘til spring, instead tackle the grease built up from cooking your Christmas turkey now. Most Canadian appliances’ dealers give directions on how to operate self-cleaning cook ranges and also how to safely clean your induction cooktop or grates and burners on your gas range.


Other kitchen maintenance tips to follow include:

  • Remove the revolving tray from your microwave and cleaning the interior
  • Replace your kitchen ventilation filter
  • Give your dishwasher a vinegar rinse and remove and clean or replace the filter
  • Bin old leftovers from your refrigerator and give your fridge a good clean
  • Defrost and clean your freezer
  • Check the carbon filtration system in your wine fridge and replace the filter if necessary



After a long season of washing and drying your winter woollies, spring is a good time to maintain your washers and dryers. This is not only important in helping them work better but can also prevent any electrical issues and in your dryer’s case, prevent fires.


With your washing machine, make sure to:

  • Check hoses for any cracks and leaks and repair as necessary
  • Clean the lint filter
  • Wash and rinse away soap residue by running a ½ cup of distilled white vinegar in an empty load


Maintain your dryer by:

  • Removing and cleaning out the exhaust duct line that connects your dryer to the vent
  • Vacuuming and removing all the lint and dust from inside your lint filter trap
  • Washing your lint filter with a mixture of detergent and water



This is a good time to look into the unique appliances we use in summer. This includes grills and barbecues as well as wine and beverage fridges. 

When the season begins, maintain your barbecue or gas grill by:

  • Cleaning the burner and tubes with warm, soapy water and a soft towel
  • Washing the grill’s interior and exterior surfaces with a safety certified wire brush
  • Cleaning cooking grates in warm, soapy water
  • Checking the propane tank



T’is the season to check your appliances to see if they are working properly. Consider whether you need appliance repair in Kelowna or if you’re better off purchasing new appliances.

Check for signs of life with your washers and dryers by reading our blog and When Is It a Good Time to Pull the Plug.


Kelowna appliance stores such as Genier’s have a team of repair specialists that can get any appliance working again. We also offer competitive pricing on more than 58 brands of the world’s best new home appliances. Our large showroom features live kitchens and our expert commission-free staff are always available to answer all your questions.


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