2 Smart Kitchen Appliances Trends to Watch For

2 Smart Kitchen Appliances Trends to Watch For
Control your kitchen appliances with just your fingertip.

In a world where everything has become ‘smart’ and connected to your smart phone, it’s no wonder that your kitchen appliances are starting to follow the trend. Appliances have changed so much since the days of avocado-coloured refrigerators, and it’s definitely for the better.


1. Wi-Fi Compatible Refrigerators

If you’ve ever ran out of ice at a dinner party, or come home to a broken refrigerator, you’re going to love Whirlpool’s newest refrigerator design. Still in the fine-tuning stage, these refrigerators will soon be ready to hit the marketplace.


Party All Night

Genier's Appliances Smart Refrigerator

These smart kitchen appliances boast a ‘Party Mode’ feature that ensures the ice bin is full. It will also lower the internal temperature in anticipation of frequent door openings.


Break-down Alerts

Due to its Wi-Fi capabilities, this fridge will text you if it loses power or needs a new filter. If this happens, the fridge will send you an error code that you can take straight to your appliance repair experts. This will help streamline the repair process and keep things efficient.


There’s an App for that

Whirlpool’s new refrigerator offers another great feature: It’s able to sync with the Nest Learning Thermostat. When you download this app to your smart phone, you can tap into the temperature of the fridge and program the defrost cycles for off-peak hours. This handy little feature will increase the efficiency of your kitchen appliances and save you money on your next electricity bill.   


2. The Smart Laundry Duo


Genier's Appliances Smart Laundry Duo


If your appliances could talk, what do you think they’d say? With Whirlpool’s new smart top load washer and dryer, these two appliances can talk to you through your smart phone. With the touch of your finger, activate Wrinkle Shield to keep the clothes in the dryer wrinkle-free. You can even order laundry supplies before you run out. 


Super Efficient

Also pairing up with Nest, improve the efficiency of your laundry duo by checking in on your Nest app. Not only can these smart appliances recognize when you’re away from home, but they can also do your laundry on your behalf. Intuitively running loads during off-peak hours, these programs ensure cost savings on your utility bills.


Repairs Done Right

If your laundry appliances need repairs, they’ll tell you. By notifying you through your smart phone, these appliances actually let you know what’s wrong with them. A unique error code will be generated, allowing you to take that code to your repair provider. It takes all the guesswork out of repair work.


Silence at your Fingertips

If you’ve ever tiptoed around the house while the baby naps, you know how important it is for your appliances to run quietly. By activating ‘Quiet Mode’ from your app, you can reduce the noise coming from your laundry appliances while washing or drying your clothes. It’s a win for everyone.

If you’re looking for more pointers on the benefits of owning smart appliances, take a look at our previous post: Smart Appliances: Why We Can’t Wait for the ‘App’ in ‘Appliances’.



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