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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Appliances for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Appliances for Your Home

Appliances, on their own, do not make a kitchen, but they are one of the more important aspects of the space. Here are a few ways to make those tough decisions easier

When Should You Upgrade to the Appliances Kamloops Residents Love?

When Should You Upgrade to the Appliances Kamloops Residents Love?

Upgrading your appliances is a fairly major decision for most homeowners. Yet, there will inevitably come a time when you need to start looking at new appliances Kamloops residents rely on day in and day out. The question is, when is the right time to pull the trigger on a deal?

Laundry Appliance Trends of 2014 from Genier's Appliances Vernon

Laundry Appliance Trends of 2014 from Genier's Appliances Vernon

What's the most dreaded household chore aside from doing the dishes? Laundry. Some people joke that it's the epitome of "eternity"—it just keeps coming and coming, with no end in sight! Well, with the proper washing machine that you can bring home from our Vernon appliance store, doing your laundry has become much easier.

Grills + BBQs Inspiration Gallery
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Grills & BBQs

Summers are just better with a high quality barbecue. And when you have an outdoor kitchen complete with a professional grill as well as outdoor appliances such as icemakers, cocktail bar, under-counter beer keg dispenser and heat lamps, your deck or backyard will be party central. Genier’s carries some of the best Canadian appliances made for your patio. See the difference in our showroom, featuring everything from standard stainless steel barbecues to the ceramic briquette built-in grills chefs prefer.


  • Alfresco Grills
  • Artisan Grills
  • Big Green Egg
  • Brigade
  • Coyote
  • DCS
  • Dacor Kitchen Appliances
  • Jackson Grills
  • Viking Range
  • Wolf Cooking

Serious grillers should consider the benefits of ceramic briquettes, which turn drippings into a flavourful smoke that infuses foods. There’s also professional lines of barbecues that use infrared searing burners to heat faster and cook your food consistently. With a high-end barbecue, you can cook like a chef and serve steaks that would rival a restaurant’s.

But with heavy duty performance and craftsman quality materials comes weight. That’s why we love showing off how surprisingly easy it is to lift the lid of our high-end Lynx barbecues. Their slogan is ‘Mom Friendly. Dad Ready.’

We’re happy to demonstrate the features that make barbecuing fun for both mom and dad!

Grilling your family’s meals and entertaining outside gets even better when you add complementary appliances such as fridge and warming drawers, built-in cocktail bars and ice machines. You can cook as well as prepare an entire meal with an extra long cutting board, a storage cupboard for condiments and double burners.

Those aren’t just any burners. We’ve got outdoor kitchen burners cast in brass to compete with any wind and last a lifetime. In fact, buying high end barbecues is an investment that pays off quickly when you consider how good your meals will be and how long your convenient and consistent barbecue lasts.

Built-in custom outdoor kitchens extend almost as far as your imagination. And it’s easy to picture your perfect grilling area after seeing these outdoor kitchen appliances in our massive showroom.

If you’re shopping for grills in Kelowna, appliances for indoor and outdoor kitchens are best displayed at Genier’s. Locals looking for appliances in Vernon know where come, but homeowners shopping for high-end appliances in Kamloops find that it’s worth the drive too.  

Genier’s Home Appliances has all the options in sight and our expert knowledge at hand.

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